---Plenty of film or lots of memory in your digital cameras. We will see many Nationals Park, volcanoes, lakes, highlands, beautiful beaches, unique landscapes and breathtaking sunsets. If you use slide film, you’d better stock up in Santiago.
---Sun Screen. Have you ever heard of the Hole in the Ozone? Well be wise and get a good protective cream. Over 15 SPF will do.
---Warm Clothes.
Even in summer the weather can be a little bit cold and rainy.
-Swim Suit. Chile is a conservative catholic country. Skinny dipping and nudism is illegal (but all right at night or on lonely beaches).
---Bottle Opener.The rest of the Swiss army knife may also be useful.
---Drugs. While Chileans have a fairly tolerant attitude towards soft drugs, Chilean law hasn’t, and believe me, the interior of Chilean jails can hardly be considered one of the country’s highlights.
-- Sleeping bag. There’ll be the possibility of camping in some places. We’ll provide the tents and sleeping bags for FREE, but bring your own if you prefer. -Cooking gear. We will provide pots, pans, stoves and “kiss the cook” apro



--Chile is situated between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean on a narrow strip of land which is 350 kms wide and 4329kms long. It's an extraordinary country which has a bewildering variety of landscapes and micro-climates, from deserts and subtropical islands to ice fields, fjords and glaciers.
--The extreme longitude of Chile and its topography determine the climatic variation across the country. The northern area has a magnificent climate throughout the year, with over a 90% of radiant, sunny days. As you head down the country or higher into the mountains it gets progressively colder, although during the summer the weather is pretty good.
--According to the most recent census, Chile has a population of 15 million people, with 32% concentrated in the Metropolitan region. The vast majority of Chileans can trace their ancestry back to Europe, particularly Spain. However there are still few native Chileans, mostly Mapuches, Atacameños, Aymarás, Quechuas, Coyas, Yaganes and Rapa Nuis (natives to Easter Island).

--Tourist Visa: There are two types, a basic one which enables the holder to enter the country once only for a maximum period of 90 days, and a multiple one, which enables the user to enter and exit the country during the time authorized. It is given to those entering the country with recreational intentions, for sports, health reasons, business, family, religion and other similar reasons. It is not a work permit.
--Temporary Visa: this has a maximum period of one year and is granted to foreigners who can prove family links or a special interest in Chile. It allows the holder to take on any legal activity without special limitations, and is renewable only once.
--Student Visa: This is for foreigners who arrive with the intention of studying and has a maximum validity of one year. You must be able to prove your enrollment with a public education establishment and have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay and studies.


--Your ticket will be valid for the chosen route for an unlimited period of time. Bear in mind that your tourist visa is valid for a maximum of 3 months, but you can extend it by leaving and re-entering the country.
--Travel reservation must be made 48 hours prior to departure, either by calling the head office or talking with your bus guide/driver. Failing to board a bus will result in the cancellation of the booked segment.
--Your first day of travel must occur within three months from the day the ticket was issued.Passes are transferable but not refundable after the first day of travel, a transfer will be valid only if all the information about the new holder is sent to the head office. There is no extra cost involved in the transfer.
--Lost tickets will be replaced upon proof of purchase, with a re-issue fee of Ch$ 10.000 plus the cost of express mailing.
Pachamama by Bus will not be liable for lost, stolen, damaged or forgotten items. Passengers are covered by a compulsory accident insurance, according to Chilean road regulations. Pachamama by Bus will not be liable for passenger illness or any other injury. Partially used tickets and deposits are not refundable.
--Fares, routes and departure schedules are subject to change without further notice. Pachamama by Bus will not be held responsible for schedule modification or delays due to weather conditions, technical problems or similar.
--Pachamama by bus reserves the right to cancel tickets of passengers carrying dangerous or illegal items. The guide/driver can refuse boarding to passengers who misbehave or cause annoyance to other passengers.
--Pachamama by Bus makes clear to the passengers that they are engaging in this activity at their own risk. Any dispute or claim will be treated in Chile under Chilean law.


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