__The biggest problem that travellers face in Chile is getting from one place to another, and not being able to explore places off the beaten track.
PACHAMAMA BY BUS is a transport network specially designed to meet the needs of independent travelers. You can get off the bus at any of the places along the route and catch another bus a few days later. You will have the freedom to do your own thing and spend as much time as you like at places along the route.
__Exclusive Stop
s: Intercity buses go from town to town using the most direct and boring routes, but we'll take you to places that only we and the locals know about. We 'll stop at the best spots where you can leave the bus and discover the best of Chile for yourself, away from the "gringo trail".
__Accommodation: somewhere to stay in the overnight stops will be your responsibility. Nevertheless, the bus will stop in several hostels in every place as an extra service. If one particular place of interest doesn't provide adequate accommodation, we will provide you the basic camping and cooking equipment for free!!!
__About the guides : We are not into tour services, but all of our guides speak English and Spanish. They will provide you with as much, or as little, help as you require.
__Full flexibility : Your travel pass allows you to start and finish your trip wherever you want, with no time limit to complete the chosen route.
__About the buses : Our buses seat up to 17 people, with enough room for all your bags. Let us know what you have with you, when you make your booking.
__How to book: Contact us at least 48 hours before your departure to book your seat on the bus. You only need to phone our office in Santiago or visit us in Agustinas 2113 to get the ticket.
If you decide to change a booking please call at our office so that we can make the place available to someone else.

Frequently asked questions:

What is it that Pachamama by Bus offers, that a normal bus service doesn't ?
Quite a lot of things:
•  Access to places where you could only go in your own car, like National Parks, lonely beaches and Nature Reserves.
•  The possibility to take as long as you want in your trip.
•  Multiple stops and detours on the route, allowing you to see the unusual and take your pictures with time.
•  The possibility to use camping equipment for free.
•  Free side trips that you would normally have to pay as separate tours.
•  Advance booking and discounts in hostels and activities.
•  Enhanced security and a hassle free trip.
•  And finally: a better atmosphere, a less sore bum and fairly decent music

Can I get a ticket for part of the route and not for the whole circuit?
Yes you can! In the case that you want to go only ONE WAY or to START HALF WAY through, you can purchase only certain travelling days out of the total. Go to the fares section in the Lake District or Atacama Desert to check this possibility. Keep in mind that to buy a ticket for half the trip, will cost you more than half the original price. A good alternative is to get the full ticket and then transfer the remaining travelling days to someone else.

Is the accommodation included?
At every stop, you will have to choose (and pay) a place to stay for the night, we'll pick you up the next morning at your door. We will suggest the best value alternatives, but you will be always free to choose. Since we will carry tents, camping is also an option to consider.
The guide/driver may also book the places in advance if Spanish is not totally your thing yet. 24 hours before we get to a particular destination, you will recieve a list, with the updated price, of the hostels we consider to be the best and we will book according to availability.

Is the bus going to be moving every day?

Typically the trip consists of two days on the road and then one day in a place of particular interest. Nevertheless multiple stops for taking pictures, doing short treks and toilet stop; are part of the on the road days. If one day is not enough and you want to explore for yourself or just work your tan on the beach, you can let the bus go: take your time, kick it back and take the next bus few days later.

How often will the Pachamama by Bus pass?

During summer months there are two departures a week to the Lake District Route and one departure a week during the rest of the year. The Atacama Desert Route has weekly departures all year round. Keep in mind that you don't need to purchase the whole "RETURN" route, you can just go "ONE-WAY" you can start and finish your trip anywhere along the chosen route, the price will be determined by the number of travelling days in a certain route. For example, if one person wants to go from Santiago to San Pedro de Atacama and from there continue to Bolivia or Peru without returning to Santiago, he/she has to consider only 6 days out of the total 10.

Can I cook in the hostels?
Self-catering Hotels are the exception, rather than the rule in Chile and Argentina. Nevertheless we will point you to those uncommon Hotels with kitchen. We'll carry camping stoves, cooking gear and do several supermarket stops.

Will I get to meet "the locals"?
Oh yes you will, Pachamama by Bus will take you to places that no other travellers go, locals tend to be more hospitable than in the Gringo Trail bus stops.

How much money will I need?
Roughly Euro 10 to 15 a day will do, for accommodation and food, much less if you cook your own food and camp.

How can I transfer the ticket to someone else?
Just find another traveller willing to do the rest of the trip you purchased, send us a fax, a clear photocopy or a scanned picture of her or his passport and that's it!
Keep in mind that you'll only be able to transfer your ticket once.

What if I loose my ticket?
We will reissue a ticket and mail it to you, but you will have to pay an administrative fee and the mailing expenses. You will not be able to get on the bus unless you have your ticket in order.Better avoid the trouble and keep the ticket in a safe place.

Can I drink or smoke in the bus?

According to Chilean law, smoking is not allowed in buses, but we will stop frequently. Regarding alcohol, the law is less clear, a beer or two shouldn't be a problem.

Can I keep the tent and the cooking gear when I get off the bus?
If everybody decided to do that, we would run out of tents pretty soon. Nevertheless if you tell us in advance, we will get an extra tent, and rent it to you as cheaply as possible.

Agustinas 2113 , Santiago, Chile. Phone (56-2)26888018